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Digital Twin

The PLM Digital Twin is a digital representation of a real product or process over its entire life cycle. This enables engineers, for example, to analyze how the products or components they develop behave in real operation. Through the intelligent evaluation and visualization of data from the field or development, as well as the detection of anomalies or further predictions about the quality and behavior of the product, the PLM Digital Twin helps to develop products and designs more efficiently. As a data and simulation model, the Twin systematically provides engineers with the information they need for their design. Product designs can be optimized promptly based on real values and more strongly aligned to the needs of the customer - with simultaneous optimization of costs and processes.

This allows typical questions such as
  • How can quality or safety problems be identified at an early stage?
  • Which product features are required?
  • How can improvements be brought into the vehicle "over-the air"?
can be answered.

PLM Digital Twin Showcase

Our showcase makes the digital twin tangible using the example of a vehicle brake.
The brake is connected with the engineer via the Internet by using sensors.
For example, we measure the force on the brake pedal, the hydraulic pressure in the hydraulic line and the rotational speed of the brake disc.
Together with the product data, these sensor data form the digital twin of the brake - all on one platform in the cloud.
Now the behavior and status of the brake can be monitored, and artificial intelligence can be used to automatically detect faults or anomalies.

Note: The videos are currently only available in German.

Video EDM CAE Forum 2019

Video HM 2019


As T-Systems, we supply the components for a digital twin from a single source.
This includes, among other things:
(1) Cloud and IoT platforms
(2) Analysis and AI methods
(3) System integration
More important than technology, however, is a common understanding of the benefits that can be derived from a digital twin.
Together with you, we would like to work out the potential of the PLM Digital Twin and suitable Use Cases for your company within an agile workshop.
Typical UseCases can be:
  • Assisted/automated product documentation
  • Virtual sensors
  • Virtualization of physical tests (e.g. AI-based)
  • Traceable Test Twin (data synchronization and visualization)

PLM Digital Twin AR Experience

The PLM Digital Twin AR Experience based on the PTC solution Vuforia is an innovative method for engineers to display specific product or process details. As an app it can be installed on different mobile devices.

Important elements such as:
  • CAD Models
  • Physical and virtual sensor values
  • Additional data from various backend systems (e.g. PLM, SAP, CAE, ...)
can be easily displayed.