Code of PLM Openness (CPO)

We Realize PLM Openness

As one of the largest IT integrators in Europe, T-Systems participates into the Cooperation of "Code of PLM Openness" (CPO) initiative. For T-Systems as an IT service provider, it is important that there are in the market clearly defined interfaces and standards for data formats and transparency in the architecture, for which all players have the same understanding. The openness of the systems is a key element in order to create optimal conditions for an integrated system landscape 
T-Systems develops, therefore, together with IT vendors, IT integrators, and IT customers for the first time a uniform basic understanding of the openness of IT systems in the context of product lifecycle management (PLM). 
The "Code of PLM Openness" includes criteria that will enable in future the clear positioning of any IT systems regarding the "PLM Openness" for any customers or vendors.
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The benefits of the Initiative and the resulting transparency will help T-Systems to provide to customers a bundled, high value-added contribution with operation, integration and customization services. Especially for customers in the automotive industry, this is a very important aspect to ensure competitiveness on the market for the future.
T-Systems supports therefore since 2011 under the auspices of the ProSTEP iViP Association a joint development of the CPO, with participation also from BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Dassault Systemes, IBM, Oracle, PTC, SAP, Volkswagen and Siemens PLM. The CPO is a voluntary commitment for all parties. It provides a common understanding on the subject of "openness" as the basis for the development of IT systems and processes in PLM between IT vendors, IT integrators and IT customers. This common understanding was often missing in the past. With the initiative "Code of PLM Openness"  T-Systems is able to create more quickly innovation and technological progress integrated into the PLM system environment. The Code of PLM Openness will be further developed further in the future by the participating companies and offers to further market players' the opportunity to cooperate actively.