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Your Business is different and it is constantly changing!
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Manufacturing Industry companies need to adjust their PLM-related business processes flexibly to market demands. New products need to be developed in shorter periods of time.
The Customer expects an individualized solution. New business chances and alliances emerge – but also new and more temporary projects (projects between different engineering partners, joint ventures, M&A, …) and complex forms of collaboration need to be managed:
  • Virtual teams around the globe
  • Integration of suppliers necessary
  • New ways of collaboration

Customers drive innovation. To remain static is to lose ground to competitors. The player will be successful who is able to steer the processes dynamically and flexibly.

Rethink PLM and find new value as quickly as your business evolves!

Simplify PLM
  • Introduction and customization of a PLM system is often much too complex. Configure in real-time and adapt the system easily.
Broaden PLM
  • PLM is often too CAD focused. There is a high leverage using it also for project management, quality management, change management, requirements management.
Minimize risk
  • Many companies avoid to upgrade their PLM version because of the effort, risk and time it needs. Choose a PLM system and a service model which minimizes the efforts and the risk.

T-Systems brings it into the Cloud

CAEaaS: Simulation (CAE) as a Service, a new platform to execute the entire simulation process in the cloud.
Find out what is already available: (Please click on the image to play the movie in full quality.)
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CAEaaS Demo Movie

CAEaaS Demo Movie

Your Benefits

Benefit from T-Systems’ offering to support projects and collaboration out of the cloud in PLM service market.
All Cloud based benefits:
  • Pay per use / pay per seat
  • Self-service provisioning and management
  • Ad hoc scale up / down
  • Lower TCO / upfront invest; low CAPEX
Your value from T-Systems’ competence:
  • Process competence: from our long-term experience in PLM we understand business process requirements in Manufacturing Industries and are able to transform them into an according ICT PLM landscape.
  • Technology competence: we provide long-term experience in managing engineering applications and large scale and multi-vendor systems integration.
  • Cost efficiency: we provide a modularized service approach for PLM implementation projects, application management and operational services.