Application Services PDM/PLM

PLM System

Essential Prerequisite for Ensuring the Productivity of any Modern Manufacturing Company

T-Systems offers for the PLM Systems
  • Teamcenter Engineering, Enterprise and Unified Architecture
  • Windchill
  • Enovia VPM, LCA, MatrixOne, ENOVIA V6
a comprehensive and globally available service range that includes services for analyzing existing systems, evaluating innovations concerning PLM operating issues through to operating complex and globally distributed PLM systems.
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​​​​​​​The modular service system for the PLM application management and modernization consists of the following components: 

Operating Guideline (Operating Concept)

We help you to adequately dimension the hardware and software components you require for your planned PLM system in line with your special requirements. Our operating concept covers everything from system distribution strategy, the design of a delivery concept through to the definition of service processes (ITIL).


T-Systems offers you the know-how required to install and configure all the components of complex distributed PLM applications through the necessary integration of CAD interfaces, everything is installed and configured in accordance with our comprehensive deployment concept.

Application Support

T-Systems takes advantage of up-to-date technologies and the skills of its system engineers to safeguard your PLM operation, providing, amongst other things, on-site support (second-level application, hardware/database support, Web application server) and round-the-clock operation of mission-critical server components.
We provide the support for your users. Therefore we offer different UHD concepts, depending on your individual needs.

Application Monitoring

All operating components must be permanently monitored throughout the operation of a PDM/PLM system and reports have to be generated containing information about storage, servers, users and licenses.

Release/Change Management

Software integration, compatibility and performance tests using a copy of your live database and production clients in a separate release upgrade environment parallel to the normal operation of your production environment.

Innovation/Performance Lab

The PLM Innovation Lab is set up to resemble the basic structures of a distributed environment. Application and data distributability are particularly well provided for through the use of a WAN emulation.

Service Management

All the Application Management Services listed above are implemented entirely in service management processes according to ITIL guidelines and are monitored consistently.