ITIL Service Management

Quick Scan

Analysis and evaluation based service scan

Quick Scan
The Quick Scan provides an analysis and evaluation of your current IT service structures or business structures based on a service scan.
The results of the analysis include conclusions and recommendations on how to design a structured application management system according to the ITIL standard, taking into account customer-specific features and economic aspects.
You can subsequently use your Quick Scan results in the preparation of a variety of different projects, including:
  • the transfer of an existing or new service into a standardized application management system according to ITIL guidelines.
  • the outsourcing of individual business processes to external or internal service providers.
  • restructuring and/or introduction of SLA-based services.
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  • A structured documentation on the results of the analysis
  • A recommendation catalog on service optimization and service monitoring
  • A breakdown of the current cost structure
  • A description of the recommended service concept