Application Management Solutions

Keep Your Head Free for Your Core Business Activities

PDM/PLM application systems require:
  • dependable and highly trained administrators, who are always up-to-date
  • continous and reliable system maintenance
  • round-the-clock service
Above all, however, these systems need administrators who understand their processes and "speak" their language. These are services that often tie up valuable resources when companies have to maintain the services in-house.
The alternative: Professional Application Management Services that ensure the operation of your application, in order for you to have your important resources available.
When you choose to benefit from T-Systems’ Application Management Services, you hand over responsibility for the operation of your PDM/PLM applications to T-Systems experts, which leaves you free to fully concentrate all your energy on your core business activities. We help you to establish sector-specific standard processes tailored to your requirements. Save costs and increase quality at the same time – to make sure you come out on top now and in the future. The support we offer as part of our PLM Application Management Services covers all current applications from the CAD, CAE, PDM/TDM, CAT areas as well as digital factory.
Our AM offers you modular and scalable solutions. T-Systems’ experts assume responsibility for all operations in line with individual cost models tailored to meet your requirements and SLAs for optimal coverage of your needs. PLM AM from T-Systems guarantee the availability of your PLM applications whilst ensuring that your costs remain transparent. T-Systems PLM AM ensure that your often non-transparent “application support” cost factor becomes transparent, can be calculated reliably and is lowered significantly compared with previous in-house solutions. Our specialists have many years of experience in transferring your in-house services over to our standard AM. In doing so, they take advantage of all the latest ITIL standards and provide an operating manual and ITIL service processes tailored to your requirements.