Digital Factory

Planning Certainty Thanks to Simulation

In the near future each vehicle, production facility and factory will be created, simulated, optimized and thoroughly tested on a computer long before production/construction begins.This will allow to reduce planning times, shorten production ramp-ups and also lower adaptation cost. Besides, it will be possible to increase planning quality and as well optimize version planning.
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T-Systems’ portfolio comprises solutions spanning the entire digital factory process chain from factory planning to the simulation of material flows and manufacturing processes through to quality checking on the digital model:

Product and Equipment Data 

  • Design and calculation of products, equipment, installation and assembly tests
    (including CATIA, ProE, DMU)

Process and Assembly Planning

  • Analysis, modeling, simulation and optimization of manufacturing processes, material flows
    (e.g., eMPlanner, eMWorkplace, eMPlant, production plan, ProcessEngineer, MALAGA)

Factory and Layout Planning

  • Planning and visualization of variants in the areas of construction, transport technology, logistics, technical building equipment, structure and factories
    (e.g., HLS, MicroStation, TriCAD)

VR/MVR Mixed Virtual Reality

  • Combination of virtual technologies with real elements, simulation and ergonomics testing
    (e.g., Mantra, Cave, MAVE, VRML merger)

Environmental Planning/Environmental Protection 

  • Planning and system development, process support for compliance with legal regulations for facilities that have an impact on the environment
    (e.g., environmental information system, VAwS (ordinance on installations for handling water-polluting substances) register, immission register, legal land registry of industrial facilities, ArcGIS, WebOffice, GeODin MISS, noise protection).