Digital Product Creation

Measurable Optimization for the Digital Product Development

The aim of digital product development is the complete digital description of products. This serves to safeguard product characteristics and improve planning quality. Development times can be shortened thanks to the early availability of information for downstream process phases. 
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T-Systems’ portfolio of digital product development solutions offers you technologies and consulting on the following topics: 

Consulting and project services

  • Support for the process development and saddle up of working methodes for the digital product development.
  • Support the choice of IT systems (System comparison, Benchmarks, Decision-making).
  • Project to integrate different IT-Systems (Process- and data integration).
  • Customer workshops and methodes coaching to strengthening process aligned working methodes. 
  • Consulting and projects for the cross company operation of installed IT systems (Application Operation and Engineering Service Desk)

Solutions for the Mechanical Engineering

  • Early product cost optimization within the framework of engineering processes (FACTON).
  • Solutions for distributed development processes (PDM and TDM systems).
  • Virtual reality/digital mock-up integration.
  • 3D data conversion and optimization (COM/FOX).
  • CAE / FEM Pre- and Post Processing (MEDINA).

Solutions for the Electrics and Harness Design

  • Methods and tools for construction, electrics/electronics development and software development(e.g., in-vehicle network development with VOBES and LDorado)