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On this page you can find additional information about COM/FOX  to download. Feel free to contact us, however, if you require further information. 
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On this pages you will find the COM/FOX software, the release notes and helpful information for your work with COM/FOX.
For access the information and files in the download area, a login is required.
To get a login, please first register you once and log in with the "Login" dialog in the top of the web site. A brief description to register and login you can find with the link on the right hand side.
In case you have any hints or questions, you may use the online support form or easily contact our .
Welcome to the maintenance download area of COM/FOX. Here you can download the latest maintenance releases for the supported platforms. The neccesary License manager you can get within the 'Global information and services'-page. See the link on the right side.
You have to complete three steps to get the current maintenance release: 
  1. Accept the maintenance agreement.
    Maintenace releases are not approved by our quality department but they offer the latest features and bug fixes.
  2. Download the installation package for your operating system.
    To start the installation program and to use the JAVA UI for COM/FOX a JAVA VM > 1.3 is required on the machine where you want to install the package.
  3. Install the package.
    Installation of COM/FOX runs automatically, just login as Administrator and execute the setup.exe (Windows) or (UNIX).
Pre-Release Agreement
You are going to use a prerelease of COM/FOX. A detailed description of the added functionality can be found in the release notes.
Do not install the software before you have accepted this agreement!
Since this is a prerelease (Beta-release), we point out the following: 
  1. The above mentioned software is delivered before internal acceptance tests and therefore without any warranty.
  2. Any liability of T-Systems International GmbH is excluded.
  3. Damage claims arising from the use of the above mentioned software, espacially for consequential damages and indirect damages, against T-Systems International GmbH shall be void.
  4. The software characteristics described in the release notes are not promised or guaranteed.
  5. The software characteristics of previous versions are no longer promised or guaranteed for this Beta-release.


7 Items
Name Description Date Version Size
COM/FOX Sep 19, 2019 09/2019 354 KB COM/FOX
COM/FOX Article Sep 27, 2019 02/2019 487 KB COM/FOX Article
COM/FOX leading in JT Benchmark 2015 Sep 19, 2019 09/2019 485 KB COM/FOX leading in JT Benchmark 2015
COM/FOX leading in JT Benchmark 2012 Sep 19, 2019 09/2019 487 KB COM/FOX leading in JT Benchmark 2012
Daimler Supplier Package Sep 19, 2018 09/2019 299 KB Daimler Supplier Package
COMFOX Presentation 2019 EN
Product presentation of COM/FOX - multi Format Optimized eXchange
Apr 18, 2019 04/2019 1 MB COMFOX Presentation 2019 EN


9 Items
Name Description Date Version Size
Solid Designstates
UseCase Solid Designstates
Jul 3, 2008 1.0 83 MB Solid Designstates
UseCase Mechatronik
Jul 3, 2008 1.0 59 MB Mechatronik
Data Optimizer
UseCase Data Optimization
Jul 3, 2008 1.0 108 MB Data Optimizer
Solid Designstates.mp4
Use Case Solid Design States
Sep 7, 2010 9/2010 13 MB Solid Designstates.mp4
Use Case Data Optimization
Sep 7, 2010 9/2010 26 MB DataOpt.mp4
Harness3DA neu.mp4
Use Case for Electrical&Harness
Sep 7, 2010 9/2010 11 MB Harness3DA neu.mp4
Use Case Hide and Show
Sep 7, 2010 9/2010 1 MB HideShow.mp4
Use Case Mechatronik
Sep 7, 2010 9/2010 12 MB Mechatronik.mp4
AP242 Kinematics.mp4
Use Case Kinematik
Jan 27, 2016 1/2016 6 MB AP242 Kinematics.mp4