Supplier Package

for 3D data exchange

This supplier package enables Daimler’s suppliers and development partners to deliver 3D data sets to Daimler from CATIA simply and in compliance with processes. The fully-fledged JT data generated with this package can be used in Daimler AG in NX projects.

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System environments are changing.

Daimler AG uses NX, a CAD system developed by Siemens PLM, as a product-describing 3D development tool. This will gradually replace the CAD system CATIA developed by Dassault Systèmes.
For collaboration as suppliers and development partners of Daimler AG, the question arises of what format the data sets can be delivered in. One scenario for data exchange allows the 3D data sets to be delivered as a derived geometry in neutral JT format according to Daimler’s specifications. 
Datenaustausch für Daimler-Lieferanten via JT
For this purpose, the assembly structure and geometry must be saved in the format PLMXML / JT. For the CAD data to be converted in compliance with processes, all of the relevant information must be converted as comprehensively as possible.
Another challenge arises when Daimler is switching over to the new format STEP AP242 XML and the exchange of kinematic data is required. 

We connect processes

For this data exchange, T-Systems offers a package that satisfies precisely these requirements for supplier integration. The package comprises the necessary software modules for converting 3D geometry in JT format, structural information and production information (PMI) in PLMXML format in compliance with Daimler guidelines. All the master data saved in the CATIA model are also contained in the converted data set. You receive the design data from Daimler AG in an NX or CATIA format. The system parameters are already configured in the package such that the files comply with the conventions of the data exchange rules.
The new format STEP AT242 XML is supported by COM/FOX and allows the transfer of CATIA V5 kinematics data such that it can be read and simulated in NX. 

Benefits for development partners

  • All-in-one solution based on the long-proven 3D conversion solution COM/FOX for process-compliant data exchange with Daimler.
  • Best possible conversion of all relevant information in accordance with Daimler’s standards.
  • Bidirectional conversion of CATIA V5 and JT data.
  • Data exchange solution enables a controlled, possibly planned migration to NX for partners druring the data exchange with Daimler keep alive.
  • Support in obtaining the Daimler JT qualification.
  • Support for STEP AP242 XML and CATIA V5 kinematics.
  • Low-cost supplier package.

Ready to go!

You can download the software from the download area.
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PLM Supplier Package
CAD data bridge between NX and CATIA

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COM/FOX sets standards
COM/FOX: Leading in CATIA-JT converter category in JT Application Benchmark 2015.


V5/V6 MultiCAx-JT Plug-in
T-Systems is a member of Dassault Systèmes CAA (Component Application Architecture)  development program and now has been upgraded to a CAA V5 and CAA V6 Software Partner.


Daimler JT Supplier Package
COM/FOX was certified by Daimler AG for the JT data exchange.  
The JT data generated by COM/FOX meet all requirements of Daimler AG.