COM/FOX - 3D Data Conversion

COM/FOX: T-Systems V5/V6 MultiCAx-JT Plug-in

T-Systems is a member of Dassault Systèmes CAA (Component Application Architecture)  development
program and now has been upgraded to a CAA V5 and CAA V6 Software Partner.
T-Systems will complement the Dassault Systèmes products for import and export of non-V5/V6 CAD data 
by providing the market with powerful converters for even more formats like JT.
Through the new software development partnership agreement, T-Systems will deliver the product solution ‘COM/FOX: T-Systems V5/V6 MultiCAx-JT Plug-in‘.
COM/FOX hereby will enable native V5/V6 integration of JT data inside a V5/V6 session.

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