COMPDM - Collaborative Engineering

Engineering Data Exchange for PLM and CAD Data

Exchanging complex product structures in a supplier network

Along the product development process, complex design tasks are increasingly being outsourced to external system partners, who take over more and more responsibility for them. To be able to perform these tasks, the system partners require information, for example, about the assembly environment of the components to be supplied. At the same time, it is vital that the partners are constantly informed about the current development status. In turn, they have to report back with intermediate results, which need to be transferred to the PDM system.
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Asynchronous product structure data exchange.

Product structures are defined in a multitude of formats, PLM-based formats, CAD-based formats or neutral formats. Data exchange becomes a mess, especially for suppliers working for many OEMs. 
COMPDM makes it easy to manage these multiple formats when sending or receiving data from a partner.
COMPDM supports the asynchronous PDM data exchange of hierarchical assembly structures with associated CAD files or assembly structures defined in native CAD format. Parts and assemblies including geometry files or supplementary documents can be exported from one PDM system and can be imported into another one, or can be handled directly in a CAD system.

Data mapping and adaptation to business requirements

COMPDM supports you in data exchange by making it very easy to export or import data from/to your PLM or CAD systems and convert it into the required target formats.
COMPDM has a modern graphical user interface that allows you to define even highly complex data mapping processes in a very easy and straightforward manner.
COMPDM communicates with your PLM system to retrieve your customized object and property definitions and use them as the basis for data mapping definitions.
When defining new exchange methods, COMPDM can automatically analyze data packages and suggests an initial set of relevant objects, data mapping, and business rules.

Reconciliation on import

Before importing unknown data into your PLM system, COMPDM analyzes the data received and compares it to the data already in your system. Differences are displayed and can be treated individually by the user.
No valuable data will be accidentally overwritten.

Seamless end-to-end data exchange

COMPDM has an interface to the data exchange management tool Rocket® TRUfusion Enterprise (by Rocket Software). In COMPDM, select the receiving company and contact for a data package directly from TRUfusion's partner database, then data extraction and sending will all be handled automatically for you, including optional transfer protocol storage inside the PLM system.
When receiving those packages, they can be imported directly into your PLM system following precisely the business rules you have defined.
Please find more information about TRUfusion Enterprise here.


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