Collaboration & Data Exchange

Collaboration & Data Exchange Solutions

PLM Collaboration applications which focus collaboration between OEMS and development partners in the digital product development process

International collaboration in the manufacturing industry has undergone lasting changes. New technologies and models of collaboration models within the global development network require thoroughly molded computer-based processes and the availability of engineering data anywhere and at any time. 
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To provide this data in real-time through fast and efficient exchange processes between partners in the engineering network is a vital issue.
T-Systems offers precisely those PLM “Collaboration Applications”, which focus on collaboration between OEMs and development partners in the digital product development process. 
No matter how the collaboration is organized, process-related 3D data and product structures are exchanged seamlessly based on individual company standards; version management makes sure that everyone is working with the most up-to-date data.

Standardized Data Exchange Across Company Boundaries and Beyond

T-Systems provides a number of scalable solutions for exchanging engineering data within the engineering development network. These solutions enable the seamless and efficient exchange of 3D data along with structural information.
"Due to the integration of heterogeneous PDM systems created by T-Systems we are able to document our products consistently for a large number of customers, even if this must be done in different systems due to individual customer requirements. Flexible interfaces and intelligent synchronization mechanisms ensure data continuity and consistency of product documentation. For us this is of vital for our business."
(Andreas-Georg Musil, IT Program Manager Information Technology, Adient Johnson Controls)