PDM Workbench NX for Aras Innovator

The Siemens NX Aras Integration

The PDM Workbench NX is an extension of the Siemens NX user interface integrating a lightweight PDM system to manage the data.
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The PDM Workbench NX is an extension of the Siemens NX user interface integrating a lightweight PDM system to manage the data.
To ease the data management of NX data the connector enables the use of a lightweight PDM system directly within the NX user interface. The connector is dedicated for displaying and manipulating PDM data and enables the designer to take full advantage of PDM capabilities supporting collaborative product development, all within the NX environment the designer is familiar with.
  • CAD specific PDM functionality in NX enabling design engineers to stay within NX only
  • Allows access to the PDM system from every client machine where the Aras Innovator NX Integration and NX is running 
Key Features
  • Supports PDM capabilities like query, check out/in, update, create, lock of PDM and CAD data
  • Supports templates for new files
  • Can be configured to any customer data model 
Technical Highlights
  • SOAP based communication (firewall-friendly)
  • PDM functionality can be added or removed by configuration 

PDM Workbench NX

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PDM Workbench NX Movie

PDM Workbench NX Movie

The most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to save temporary locally during the work? To avoid too much network traffic and storage-needs?
Yes it is possible. It is recommended to store always on the server, but as long as the default CAD function for “save” is not disabled by the administrator, the users can save locally before sending data to the server.
When happens communication between client and server?
Communication is always triggered by the CAD user.
Do new releases of Aras Innovator or the CAD Connector require modifications of the created data in the database? Do they imply efforts for adapting the installation of Aras Innovator or the CAD Connector?
In generall this is not the case. Since Aras 9.3 it was not necessary to do any data migration to enable a Aras Innovator or CAD Connector upgrade.
Which releases of Aras Innovator and the CAD System are supported by the CAD Connector?
The connector supports the last two major releases of Aras  Innovator and the the last three CATIA Releases. The NX connector supports NX 10 and above.


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