3DEXPERIENCE X-BOM Connector for SAP enables bi-directional communication and data exchange between the PLM system ENOVIA Live Collaboration and the ERP system SAP.
To this end, the product includes ready-made functions for data transfer and synchronisation and a toolbox for extending the interface functions. A set of  popular transfer functions are implemented in the "out of the box" product. They are completely integrated into the ENOVIA GUI.
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Special Characteristics

3DEXPERIENCE X-BOM Connector for SAP offers these out-of-the-box functions:
  • Transfer of ENOVIA parts to SAP material masters (and back)
  • Display SAP material master data in the ENOVIA GUI
  • Transfer ENOVIA specifications and other documents to SAP as document info records, including files as document originals if desired.
  • Display SAP document originals through the SAP GUI or the ENOVIA GUI, as desired.
  • Transfer of single- or multi-level engineering bills of materials (BOMs) to SAP
  • Transfer of single- or multi-level plant-specific (manufacturing) BOMs to SAP
  • Display of SAP BOMs in the ENOVIA GUI
  • Comparison of ENOVIA and SAP BOMs
  • Transfer of ENOVIA change management items (ECRs, ECOs, COs, CAs and MCOs) to SAP change masters, optionally including all affected items


On top of this out-of-the-box functionality 3DEXPERIENCE X-BOM Connector for SAP offers many additional functions that can be easily configured per customer:
  • Issuing part numbers, document numbers and change numbers from SAP
  • Display and transfer to ENOVIA of SAP materials, documents and change masters.
  • Including classification data in the transfers
  • Transfer of SAP "long texts"
  • Transfer of multi-value fields and transfer to and from more than one SAP system
  • Creation of ENOVIA BOMs from SAP BOMs and subsequent synchronisation
  • Management of BOM alternatives and sub-items and applying filter criteria during BOM transfers
  • Automatic creation of additional SAP BOM items during SAP BOM creation
  • Adding relations between SAP BOM items for variant BOMs
  • Starting SAP workflows from ENOVIA
  • Reading the SAP Mailbox, sending and receiving SAP mails from the ENOVIA GUI
  • Display of SAP project information from the ENOVIA GUI
  • Managing SAP supplier and vendor data and synchronisation to ENOVIA