ENOVIA SAP Integrations

Integration Between ENOVIA Live Collaboration/ENOVIA V6 PLM And SAP ERP

As a long-standing development and sales partner of Dassault Systèmes we have extended the ENOVIA V6 PLM portfolio by a strategically important component: A bi-directional integration between ENOVIA PLM and SAP ERP.
We offer this integration in two flavors: As “3DEXPERIENCE X-BOM Connector for SAP”, the proven, universal and flexible product that is used in more than 40 installations already, and as “ENOVIA V6 xPDM Integration for SAP”, a new implementation leveraging the ENOVIA Event Bus, ENOVIA’s service-based middleware concept.
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Both integrations have some things in common: Bi-directional data transfer, handling of parts, BOMs and documents, interactive or event-triggered use, and they also cover the same part of your business process, i.e. the data management and process synchronization between PLM (ENOVIA) and ERP (SAP ERP).
To choose the right product for your purpose, here are the highlights that differ between them; follow the links to find out more about each product:
  • 3DEXPERIENCE X-BOM Connector for SAP is based on ADK and MQL, the business logic is modular, scripted and extensively documented to allow customer-side modifications. ECR/ECO transfer is OOTB, other data types can be added easily. Transfers are synchronous, allowing ENOVIA-side reactions to transfer problems. It has a 15-year record of enormous flexibility and great stability, proven in many customer environments.
  • ENOVIA V6 xPDM Integration for SAP is based on the ENOVIA Event Bus concept and works asynchronously. As of V6R2014 transfer is limited to VPM product structures and BOMs, including parts and their documents; the available data types are determined by the ENOVIA components. The integration runs as an independent web application that handles the Event Bus messages; no installation is necessary in ENOVIA and SAP.


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