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SAP Partner Solution UDC
SAP Partner Solution UDC


In the automotive industry, the major manufacturers and suppliers today use complex SAP IT landscapes that guarantee maximum efficiency and flexibility for logistics and production. When using SAP for product and production documentation, there are transitions between systems or methodologies along the product development process. These make it necessary that the master data is supplied and converted to and from SAP within SAP and during import and export. This requirement exists not only for a single initial load and conversion, but also for the permanent supply of changes.
This is where the Universal Data Converter (UDC) conversion solution comes in.
The Universal Data Converter (UDC) is a certified SAP Partner Solution for seamless integration of product (BoM) and process data (Activities and Line Design) in SAP and is fully integrated into SAP Change Management Process.
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The UDC enables the conversion of bills of materials and process data between different systems and methodologies. For this purpose, the solution offers many functions that enable you to map and adjust the syntactics (data mapping) and, above all, the semantics (interpretation of the data contents and derivation of the related business cases). Integrated engineering change management and delta reconciliation (target/actual status) make the data usable in both structures. Both standard SAP objects from integrated product and process engineering (iPPE) and production planning (PP) as well as customer-specific objects can be processed. The conversion rules can be flexibly adapted to customer-specific requirements.


  • Interfacing PDM, TDM and Legacy Systems with SAP PP or SAP iPPE
  • Synchronizing of engineering and manufacturing BoM including routing and line design
  • Conversion of SAP PP to SAP iPPE structures to drive SAP APO PP/DS scenarios with sequencing and JIT/JIS processes
  • Highly flexible conversion rules completely integrated into SAP Change Management Process

Key Features and Technical Highlights

  • Profile based implementation of converter scenarios - Secure implementation by using self-contained profiles
  • Conversion by using "universal objects“ - Any object can be converted to any other
  • Flexibility due to customer-specific conversion & validation rules - E.g. manual changes of target data are recognized during   a conversion run and not overwritten automatically
  • Support of initial load & change provisioning - Change management with creation of historical changes
  • Selected restart using the recovery function - Reprocessing of failed single objects
  • Quick problem analysis by using UDC Cockpit - Drill-down on errors, warnings and notes
  • Secure transactions by using locking mechanisms - Enables conversion runs during ongoing business operations
  • High-performance due to flexible parallel processing - Analysis and division of conversion volumes during runtime
  • Conversion in online, batch or trigger mode - Conversion start by user, scheduling or data release


  • Consulting on SAP BoM methodology
  • Installation support
  • Conception, customizing and implementation
  • Training
  • Support and service
Features of the converter solution
Rule-based transfer of master data with attribute mapping and mapping of relationships between data records.
Incremental change management with consideration of history and time stamps Security through consistency check.
Conversion of an existing master data logic into a new structure. Making new functions available for existing master data (for example, JIS planning with SAP APO PP/DS for SAP PP structures)
The "Universal Data Converter" (UDC) supports conversions in various forms, e. g.:
  • „Ext. to PP/iPPE": Write data from external systems (TDM/PDM, host, EXCEL, XML,...) to PP or iPPE objects and structures.
  • „PP/iPPE to Ext." Convert data from existing PP or iPPE structures to external system structures (PDM, host, EXCEL, XML,...) for rejection.
  • „PP to iPPE": Convert data from existing classic PP structures to iPPE structures (for example, to supply the SAP APO system).
  • „E-BoM to M-BoM": Copy/convert/synchronize data from development structures to production structures.
  • A mature solution that is already in use at many customers.
  • UDC is the partner solution for GSS on the SAP PLM roadmap if the target objects are located in the iPPE module.
  • The solution is listed in the SAP EcoHUB.
  • Available in German, English, Russian and Simplified Chinese.
  • T-Systems offers complete solutions: Licensing, consulting, implementation, training and maintenance.


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