COM/Recon for NX

The Siemens NX Data Reconciliation Tool

This tool is enabling the collaboration of OEMs and suppliers by creating assembly-structure conform to different rule-sets (naming etc.). 
The adapted assembly-structure can easily be stored in a lightweight PDM System to fulfill regulative requirements.

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COM/Recon for NX is a batch tool for reconciliation of Siemens NX assembly data.
Adapting NX assembly data to specific customer needs is the purpose of the batch utility COM/Recon for NX. A target assembly structure, which is expected to be defined within a PLMXML master file, is applied on the existing NX files. Even large data sets can be handled via algorithms doing an automatic ‘split’ of the assembly during the reconciliation processing.
  • Meta data / file naming rules
  • Reordering of assembly structures
  • Insertion / deletion / re-transformation of instance links
  • Handling of broken links 
Key Features
  • Handling of all major types of NX files (assembly, drawing, geometry)
  • Handling of NX kinematics
  • Capability of delta data exchange handling 
Technical Highlights
  • COM/Recon for NX is a NX Open Automation application
  • Input is based on the Siemens standard format PLMXML 
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