SOA PDM/ERP Integration [PDM WebConnector]

Next Level Integration

The product development process involves a large number of internal and external resources, which must be seamlessly integrated in order to achieve maximum optimization of business processes along the product life cycle.

Everything from one Source

The product PDM WebConnector offers a holistic concept for enterprise system integration, migration and collaboration. It is specialized in the integration of standard as well as highly customized PLM and enterprise systems. We enable our customers to achieve highly efficient internal and external business processes through a wide range of services and a variety of best-in-class templates. The built-in administration, monitoring and security mechanisms significantly reduce risks and overhead and increase efficiency. By using PWC you are ready for the future: cloud readiness, Big Data ingestion, IoT connectivity and much more!

Use Cases: 

Service & Data Provider 
Multi-directional integration & synchronization & replication
Extended PLM migration & co-existence (processes, functions, data)
Secure Online & Cloud Collaboration
Data supply platform for Big Data, IoT, Search & Linking engines 
Process automation and monitoring
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Specialized and industry proven
  • Long term operations at automotive and manufacturing customers ensure that you get reliable and efficient, long lasting integration of your system ecosphere
  • The re-use of business services reduces costs and risks
  • Benefit  rom ongoing development and optimization of the services
  • Integration of standard systems is going to be enhanced and maintained throughout our product development activities
  • Features for administration, monitoring, process management or security are included in the license fees (OOTB)
  • You benefit from a broad basis of technical and business knowledge and established solutions
Along your needs
  • Established processes exist for customer specific product requirements.
  • These requirements have a special priority for us


Characteristic features

  • Service based integration of systems, distributed locations and collaborative partners
  • Process driven data and information exchange
  • Wide range of supported PLM, ERP and other enterprise systems (SAP, Teamcenter, Windchill, 3DX, Aras, Doors, etc.)
  • Powerful process engine designed for high-performance data processing
  • Monitoring tool for process and system supervision
  • Administration tool for easy administration of users, rights and configurations
  • Multi-PLM-Client for seamless system access

Customer benefits

  • Cost effective integration of standard and customized systems based on existing Connectivity Modules and frameworks
  • Predefined Process Services for system synchronization and migration
  • Unified access to all integrated systems
  • Platform and language independence
  • Simple and cost-efficient operation
  • High security of data and transactions
  • Powerful adaptation possibilities by configuration
  • Flexible mapping and transformation mechanisms

Reduce Costs and increase Efficiency by Integrating PLM with SAP

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In the movie the special scenario of the PLM SAP integration will be shown.

In the movie the special scenario of the PLM SAP integration will be shown.