SOA PDM/ERP- Integration [PDM WebConnector]

Corporate solutions

for web-integration and web-enabling of existent PDM and Legacy systems are an essential part of the companywide IT integration.

The PDM WebConnector is a configurable, scalable and performant integration solution. It provides a uniform platform for access and data exchange from and to different backend systems. The PDM WebConnector also helps the companies to realize a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).
The range of application covers a wide spectrum - from small solution (e.g. for access to single backend systems) to a company wide integration and web-enabling of several different systems and processes. Furthermore a company is able to implement a whole lifecycle management which includes internal divisions, partners, customers and suppliers.
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Key Features:

  • Creates a uniform platform for system integration
  • Enables distributed system integration without location restrictions
  • Supports a wide range of Web Services and data formats for best-in-class internal and external collaboration
  • Specialized in integration of standard and highly customized PDM and legacy systems
  • Grant high scalability, performance and up-to-date security mechanisms
  • Offers an integrated administration and monitoring tool
With this powerful, modern middleware the PDM WebConnector provides us an integrative component, which we use as a data hub for our PLM solutions.


By Means of Modern Architecture and the Resulting Benefits, the PDM WebConnector Brings about a Significant Cost Reduction.

PDM WebConnector and architectural benefits
The WebServices based, modular architecture enables fast modifications and enhancements
  • Build-in load-balancing mechanisms for a better allocation
  • Single Sign-On including support of already existing authorisation and authentication infrastructure (e.g. LDAP Corporate Directories or backend system mechanisms)
  • Dynamical data transformation and mapping depending on different identification criteria (e.g. client application, user, system …)
  • Up-to-date security solutions (see Technical Documentation)
  • PDM WebConnector Client for fast, system overall access
Integration in existing system landscapes
The scalable, flexible and modular architecture of the PDM WebConnector enables a seamless integration into the existing company IT landscape and provides a platform ready to accept any challenge 
  • Our, already in practice proved, Connectivity Modules offer high performance and robustness
  • PDM WebConnector supports different application servers and operating systems
  • The integrated administration and monitoring tool helps your support team to be quick off the mark and improves operational availability and stability of your systems
  • Realtime administration at runtime 
Specialised in integration of PLM systems
We provide Connectivity Modules to most of the PLM systems (e.g. Teamcenter, Matrix, VPM …) 
  • The Connectivity Modules can be fast and easily adapted to your specific customized system
  • PDM WebConnector offers build-in mechanisms for adoption of the existing functions, objects, document and product structures
  • Support of neutral and vendor specific data formats (e.g. PLM Services, PLM-XML or internal customer formats) 
Your financial benefits
The costs for software and hardware procurement for integration platforms, based on Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture are well below the conventional costs. The PDM WebConnector helps you to optimize your IT landscape integration and to realize a cost reduction as result of 
  • Quick and efficient customizing
  • Low costs for support, deployment and service
  • Non-recurring implementation of new services, API’s and functions
  • No additional licenses required (e.g. CORBA or MQS)
  • Protection of investment for your PLM customizing

Additional to "Product Information" you can find subsequent further features of the PDM WebConnector. 
Product Overview
Key Features
  • Single point of access
  • Supports all current security standards
  • BPM & Workflow
  • Composed services & aggregated functions
  • Industry standards (e.g. PLM-Services) are supported
Customer benefits
  • Reusability of services and processes
  • Usage of consistent business processes
  • Advantages of standards are ensured
  • Introduction of well-established security standards
Key Features
  • Java EE based framework
  • Support of many PLM systems
  • Mature solution used in production systems
  • Quick and easy to adapt
  • Installation of arbitrary distributed environments
Customer benefits
  • Fast and cost-effective integration of different systems
  • High flexibility and increase of utilization through distributed environments
  • Customization to individual needs
Key Features
  • J2EE-based Thin Client running independent from PDM WebConnector
  • Direct access to all systems and functions
  • System and function specific document view
  • Configurable and extendible tree view
Customer benefits
  • Worldwide access to all systems and data
  • Flexible integration into existing portals
  • Easy to adapt, extend and modify
Key Features
  • Monitoring, analysis and stress-tests for all systems (PDM WebConnector as well as backend systems)
  • Permanent and systematic monitoring
  • Remote control mechanisms (over web-access)
  • Detailed information about incorrect functions
Customer benefits
  • Rapidly error detection and localization
  • Fast identification of incorrect components
  • Quick and comfortable testing
Key Features
  • System administration
  • User and policy administration
  • Administration of tracings and logs
Customer benefits
  • Low costs for administration
  • All settings can be easily administrated by a web client
  • On-the-fly changes of configuration data