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The PDM WebConnector is a SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) based middleware for Enterprise Application Integration up-to-date in security technology. Therefore it grants several security options:
Transport and access security
  • SSL/TLS for https communication guarantees security at transfer layer
  • IP filtering checks the IP address of every SOAP request. Therefore only predefined IP addresses may pass to the server and receive data.
  • Function Mapping - only backend systems and functions contained in the user specific mapping can be called
  • Session Timeouts - sessions not used furthermore will be automatically closed
WS Security, combines different security specifications to secure SOAP Messages
  • XML Encryption - Enables encryption of digital contents based on XML syntax (SOAP messages). This allows encryption for a whole SOAP message, specific elements of a SOAP message or only the contents of an XML element.
  • XML Signature - can be used to sign data of any type, typically XML documents. We use XML signature to see if the SOAP message was rigged.
Additional data security enhancements like:
  • PKI - exchange of keys for mutual authentication
  • Client-ID support - every client has a special client-ID which will be placed in an encrypted state in every SOAP message
  • Data Filtering - critical backend system data can be dynamically removed
  • Authorization and Authentication Management - grants access to systems or methods based on groups, rules and rights for every user
PDM WebConnector
Basis Software
J2EE compatible Application Server
WebSphere Application Server
Apache Tomcat
BEA WebLogic Server
Windows NT/2000/XP

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