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MEDINA is the ideal tool for supporting complex networks and simulations in the product development process, particularly within the automotive and aerospace industries.
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MEDINA is a universal pre- and postprocessor that supports current CAD formats and finite element (FE) analysis programs. MEDINA delivers top performance for processing complex CAD geometries, large FE models and extensive result data, allowing you to quickly gain valuable results for improving the quality of your products.
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Universal FE Pre- and Postprocessor

MEDINA is a universal pre- and postprocessor that supports the major finite element analysis programs.
Your development projects benefit from MEDINA’s ability to process and manage complex CAD geometries, FE models and large quantities of result data. MEDINA assists your analysis engineers in delivering valuable results within tight deadlines, thereby improving the quality of your products. 
MEDINA aids the processing of increasingly complex analysis models using a hierarchical parts tree. This simplifies the assembly of components and the management of modular solver input files, helping you to speedily generate and update analysis variants in MEDINA. Powerful post-processing features facilitate the processing of extensive result data.
MEDINA’s overall functionality greatly contributes to reducing development costs through the increased use of modern analysis technology.
All the most important 3D data converters for transforming data into the right formats are already included and further formats can be generated using our powerful COM/FOX multi-format converter.
MEDINA PostProcessing allows you to capture the information from your models more quickly and accurately and impress with professional, creative presentations. 


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