Quality Optimized Surface Design [XV5]

Highest Quality Surface Design

Setting new standards in surface technology: XV5 extends the range of functions of CATIA® V5 Workbench Generative Shape Design (GSD) and harmoniously integrates a level of quality into the surface design process that could previously only be achieved by non-parametric Class A systems.
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XV5 Delivers CATIA® V5 Surfaces with Optimized Quality
In addition to suitable designs, XV5 delivers a high manufacturing quality – a prerequisite for shorter development times and efficient change processes in parametric systems.
XV5 generates high-quality parametric surfaces – generating smooth and simple surfaces, even when working with strict tolerances. The solution creates production-ready surfaces so that they may be efficiently processed in tool design.
Modeling tools are part of the package. These modules are able to repair defect surfaces and includes comprehensive functions for quality analysis. 


A Head Start In The Design Process

XV5 optimizes the creation of surfaces in CATIA V5
The CAD program CATIA, originally developed for aircraft construction, has established itself as the standard CAD software for professionals in vehicle manufacturing. CATIA is particularly useful for designing the vehicle body and interior, because it incorporates powerful tools for creating free-form surfaces. However, CATIA shows deficits in generating smooth, simple surfaces. Which is why T-Systems in cooperation with Volkswagen has designed the “XV5 – Extended Shape Design“ extension, which allows you to create these surfaces, even when working with very strict tolerances.
The look and feel of XV5 integrates seamlessly into the CATIA® V5 working environment and guarantees highest manufacturing quality across the whole development process. Smooth and simple surfaces ensure stable construction, efficient tool building, and reliable manufacturing of components. The software supports applications with design requirements and allows for optical improvements in parametric models, for example in the construction of gray zone areas. This new quality results in a considerable reduction of development times.
Hitherto inconceivable quality
Manufacturers such as Volkswagen or Daimler have tripled their yearly production starts since the mid-1990s. New vehicles, variants, and niche models are being created in increasingly shorter cycles. 
Powerful, innovative CAD software solutions such as XV5 for CATIA and digital simulations in the virtual reality studio help support the work of design and development teams distributed around the globe. XV5: Helping you establish new standards in surface technology.

Product features

Parametric surfaces of Class A quality.
  • Simple - Appropriate segmentation, harmonic control points
  • Producible - Smooth and accurate, curvature continuous
  • Aesthetic - Native edges, manifold tools
XV5 modules for all automotive design demands.
  • Engineering - high-speed Body-in-White
    Engineering surfaces in manufacturing quality
  • Shape - parametric Interior and visible parts
    Technical surfaces in design quality
  • Design - process-centric Class A
    Aesthetic surfaces in engineering quality
XV5 added value in all performance issues.
  • Powerful features
    Such as fillets (curvature continuous, chordal, variable), corner blends, fill and profile surfaces (various coupling and scaling options, guides)
  • Topological healing and modeling
    Such as approximation, control points, matching, smoothing
  • Design convenient handling
    Intuitive interaction tools, quick analyses, extended light and view options, fast results, renderings
  • Continuous quality control
    By user-defined quality management such as segmentation, parameterization, order, tolerances
    By real-time analyses such as sections, zebra shading, split lines, distances, continuously observing the quality of processed data
The customer benefits from T-Systems.
  • Design to manufacturing strategy
  • One system approach: automotive add-on platform XV5
  • Leading surface competence
XV5 is seamlessly integrated into CATIA V5 supporting all relevant MS Windows operating systems.


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