Simulation Data Management [MEDINA/SDM]


Scalable and Open Solution for CAE Process Automation, Visualisation, Management and Structuring of Associated Data

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  • Process control (MEDINA/SDM Broker)
  • Process automation as required (MEDINA/SDM Broker)
  • Process standardization
  • Documentation of (automatically) structured data
  • Very powerful postprocessing functionality (MEDINA/SDM Viewer)
  • Extensive out of the box postprocessing library for standard analysis  (MEDINA/SDM Broker)
  • Highly interactive comparison functionality for lots of variants (MEDINA/SDM Viewer)
  • Excellent performance while handling big data volumes
  • Navigation, filtering and research within the structured project data (MEDINA/SDM Viewer)
  • Configurable GUI (MEDINA/SDM Viewer)
  • Strategic and scalable solution (for example integration in SOA)


Simulation Under Control

Customer “best – practices – processes” are characterized by the use of different resources (soft-/hardware, special know-how bearer as user) which are optimized for the intended objective. Crucial points for the optimization of the overall product development process are the efficient combination of these resources and a structured documentation of the associated project data (reproducibility, consistency and standardization).
Components of MEDINA/SDM are:
  • MEDINA/SDM Broker
  • MEDINA/SDM Viewer
MEDINA/SDM is a modular software solution allowing the integration of “best-practices- processes“ and all kind of resources  in an automated process flow. In doing so MEDINA/SDM Broker controls the different processes and assures the availability of the needed data. Hence the user can focus on value added engineering time. Interruptions of an automated process to allow interactive usage if needed can be handled by MEDINA/SDM Broker as well. MEDINA/SDM Broker follows an open design to ensure high flexibility and a wide application area.
​​​​​​​ The solution can be extended with a graphical user interface (GUI) by combining MEDINA/SDM Broker with MEDINA/SDM Viewer. The GUI offers possibilities to visualize, to compare and to analyse data. This data can consist for example of “primary” solver results or “secondary” results created by MEDINA/SDM Broker.  It is also possible from within the GUI to interactively use MEDINA/SDM Broker functionality. This allows a precise and customizable control of the System usage.
For instance it is possible to execute dynamic analysis functions using comprehensive variant information. This is often needed for optimization.  Through the unique coupling of these two moduls a functional extensive navigation, filtering and research is available within the standardized project structure as well.
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