Simulation / CAE

Simulation/CAE Solutions

Solutions for the calculation and simulation process chain

The creation of first-class 3D data is the necessary foundation for today’s development processes. The 3D description of products is becoming increasingly important in PLM.
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T-Systems provides solutions for creating 3D geometries suitable for the given process, whether production-ready design or CAD data quality testing.
This means that the data generated can be reused productively in development and downstream areas, such as prototype construction or production preparation, as consistently as possible and without any loss of information.
T-Systems’ solutions for the calculation and simulation process chain are used throughout the world and are ideally suited to the job.
Analysis (CAE) disciplines in the digital product development process (FEA, CFD, MKS, SIL, HIL, etc.) place huge demands on analysis and simulation systems and data storage. With MEDINA, our pre- and post-processing solution, you can manage 3D data processing, input parameters, simulation data versions and much more besides.
From a calculation perspective, optimizing data ensures maximum accuracy in analysis and simulation using conventional solvers. Functions for efficiently managing and analyzing simulation data round out the product line in this T-Systems PLM area of expertise.
Simulation/CAE Solutions